March for a Free Man

I started work on this piece on Christmas day 2004. I had just left London for a new life in the Westcountry and was living in a caravan,1000ft above sea level on an exposed hill on Dartmoor. Christmas day was a blizzard and as I was quite alone composition seemed the logical option. I wrote about a page, maybe two but I did not continue the piece the following day and it was not until 2010 that I returned to the work. In style it is somewhat influenced by the music of Frank Zappa, especially in its use of the Lydian mode, but the coda happened in a most extraordinary way. I had already formed a coda of sorts but it was clear that it did not quite fit the piece. In the midst of my deliberations on the matter there suddenly came this triumphant fanfare into my head and I knew immediately that it was the true coda to the piece. I did not need to edit or alter it, everything fell into place just right. An interesting postscript is that the last two notes sound as though I am about to begin playing the main theme of “The Girl Who Touched the Sky” This is deliberate as the latter piece was begun soon after leaving the caravan for more stable accommodation. The title refers to my sense of exhilaration on leaving London, but of course it can be interpreted in a more general sense as well.

"March for a Free Man" score preview
“March for a Free Man” score preview
Stephen Yates plays “March for a Free Man”
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