Summers Spent

An evocation of childhood summers, this was the first piece I wrote when, in 2009 I decided to abandon standard classical repertoire to concentrate solely on my own works for solo guitar. At the time I was using a steel strung instrument as a means to free myself from my previous conceptions regarding playing and what sonorities to expect.

Summers Spent score preview
“Summers Spent” – score preview
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Thank you for your interest in downloading sheet music - some would say scores - of my compositions!

I am making this available essentially for free, but please do consider a small donation. Writing music takes time that I could devote otherwise, e.g. to gaining my bread and making a living.

You would make me very happy if you could let me know when/where my music is performed, and a video/mp3 would just be the icing on the cake.

If you insist on "No donation, no notification, just gimme...", then please go right ahead and steal my music.

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Download sheet music for "Summers Spent" [PDF]

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