Trajectory X

Score preview for Trajectory X
Score preview for my composition “Trajectory X”

When making the first drafts for this piece, I had in mind the last movement of “Koyunbaba” by Carlo Domeniconi with its use of multiple hammer ons and pull offs. Like that piece, “Trajectory X” uses a non standard tuning, in this case “DADGAD”, a tuning common with steel string players.
For some reason the music that emerged made me think of space travel, perhaps the “Voyager” craft in its never ending mission into the void of space and as I built the piece up I maintained this vision and endeavoured to convey it through each section.
I have written this piece in tablature rather than notation as the latter would be a total nightmare to make sense of. Thankfully there are no inner voices or any other polyphony that might show the shortcomings in such a system and the piece is in this form very easy to read.

Another gem of a video from my good friends, Ryan & Sophie, this time with an entirely different aesthetic.
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Download sheet music for "Trajectory X" [PDF]

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