I chose the title, “Zonaradiko” for this piece because it is in 6/8 time and I felt it had a somewhat Greek character. There is a Greek dance in 6/8 which is known by the name “Zonaradiko” and which has the same feel and tempo. I am partly Greek myself, so perhaps I was channeling some ancestral memory, who knows?

Stephen Yates plays “Zonaradiko”
The first3 lines of Zonaradiko's score
Score Preview – Zonaradiko
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Thank you for your interest in downloading sheet music - some would say scores - of my compositions!

I am making this available essentially for free, but please do consider a small donation. Writing music takes time that I could devote otherwise, e.g. to gaining my bread and making a living.

You would make me very happy if you could let me know when/where my music is performed, and a video/mp3 would just be the icing on the cake.

If you insist on "No donation, no notification, just gimme...", then please go right ahead and steal my music.

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Download sheet music for "Zonaradiko" [PDF]


  1. Stephen, enjoyed your playing the Zonaradiko just now on Carlos’ Zoom guitars and wanted to have a look. I liked the cross-string patterns and it looks as though your score has about the right number of indications as to how they work. (I get irritated by scores that are too full of fingering marks, but I really need them in this piece.)
    Now downloaded and donated and looks quite a challenge.

  2. Thanks for your interest in my music, Greg. A word about the right hand fingerings in Zonaradiko; I have, if I remember rightly, indicated a lot of thumb usage to create a sort of oud-like effect which suits the music. However, if you find this awkward, do feel free to use i.m. or whatever you like instead. I, myself have reverted to using fingers much of the time simply because I found my original fingering a tad unreliable in places and I have discovered that the music doesn’t suffer in any way and can even sound better with this approach.

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