Lament for a forgotten story

In the past music was used as an accompaniment to the recitation of epic tales and sagas. I like the idea of a piece of music that represents the backdrop to a tale that has been forgotten so that only the music remains and it is up to the listener to imagine what the story might have been. The piece was originally named, “Elegy for a Forgotten Story” and I changed it for two reasons. Firstly, when I decided to rename a piece “Grand Elegy” it would have meant I had two pieces with the same word in the title, but more importantly, I felt that the music closely resembles the laments found in Scottish and Irish music. Indeed, the piece is largely inspired by the old pre-Carolan Irish harp music. However, there are also elements of music from other parts of the world, especially China. I consciously mimic the Erhu (Chinese violin) in places and the stark pentatonic language also conveys this aspect of the piece.

Stephen Yates plays “Lament for a forgotten story”
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Download sheet music for "Lament for a forgotten story" [PDF]

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